​GUARANTEE: We make every effort to place our Labradoodles/Goldendoodles in permanent homes. We strive to make certain your new puppy is happy and healthy, now and for years to come. We are available via email or phone for the life of your dog in case you have any questions or concerns. All of our puppies are vet-checked at 6-7 weeks of age to ensure the puppies are in good health before leaving to go to his/her new home.

The Purchaser has three (3) business days, from the time of receiving the puppy, to have him/her evaluated by a licensed veterinarian. If the veterinarian finds any communicable disease or physical defect outside normal puppy growth stages, Wind River Doodles will refund the purchase price of the puppy, if the puppy is returned. The veterinarian diagnosis must be in writing.

WARRANTY: Written diagnosis of a genetic disease or debilitating congenital physical defect by a licensed veterinarian before and up to the puppy’s 2nd birthday will result in a full refund of the purchase price from Wind River Doodles. Additionally, we extend an offer to take the dog back (not required for refund). A licensed veterinarian’s written diagnosis of a genetic/congenital condition for claim of warranty resulting in return of dog to Wind River Doodles must be completed prior to actual release of dog by owner to Wind River Doodles. This warranty does not include viral illnesses, infections, parasite infestations, bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, giardia, or coccidiosis. It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, or physical injury. This warranty is not transferable.

RETURN POLICY: If any family members (Purchaser’s immediate family living in the house with the dog) develop an allergic reaction to the puppy within the first week of purchase and obtains a note from a doctor verifying such condition, Wind River Doodles will refund the purchase price of the puppy, minus non-refundable deposit, if the puppy is returned in good mental and physical health. Puppy must be returned at the Purchaser’s expense.

Wind River Doodles will always accept a puppy/dog, which was purchased from us, to be returned to us at any point in the puppy/dog’s life. A written statement of why the dog is being returned must accompany the puppy/dog so that we can best accommodate his/her needs, and work to place him/her in a new home. If the puppy/dog is returned for reasons other than those outlined in the Guarantee and Warranty above, there will be no refund of purchase price of the puppy/dog.


• The Purchaser agrees to keep their Labradoodle/Goldendoodle at a healthy weight.

• We suggest at least an 8 week training course for your new puppy. A good training course can really help you work with your new puppy.

• The Purchaser agrees to make and keep annual veterinary appointments for their Labradoodle/Goldendoodle and keep all immunizations current according to the guidelines of the AVMA and properly administer heartworm preventative.

• The Purchaser is REQUIRED to spay or neuter their puppy before or during the 8th month of age. Written proof from a licensed veterinarian must be sent to us within 2 weeks of when the pup is spayed/neutered. If this requirement is not met, the guarantee is null and void.

• The Purchaser agrees to contact Wind River Doodles immediately if the Purchaser determines they are unable to keep their Labradoodle/Goldendoodle for any reason. Wind River Doodles will work with the Purchaser to determine how to re-home the dog.

• The Purchaser agrees to never place a puppy/dog purchased from Wind River Doodles in a shelter, pound or similar facility, or research laboratory.

​This HEALTH GUARANTEE is only applicable to the original purchaser and is not transferrable. If the dog has been sold or given away, the guarantee becomes void. Any dog that has competed in agility at too young of an age will also not be covered. A dog/puppy that has been physically injured will not be covered by this guarantee.

As the seller, I certify that this dog/puppy is free from illness and defects, and does not appear clinically ill from parasitic infestations. All information provided is true to the best of my knowledge.

I have read and understand this health guarantee and agree to abide by all that it states.


Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you and your puppy are doing. We would like to receive email and photographs of your puppy as he/she grows, and would be interested in posting your comments on-line. Feel free to call with questions or concerns.
Health Gaurantee
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